Songs and Stories show at Humph Hall in Sydney

Our Songs and Stories show at Humph Hall in Sydney last week was a fantastic event, thanks to the venue hosts Wayne and Gial. All tickets were sold out and the capacity crowd were incredibly positive. It’s a rare opportunity these days to test the strength of songs through a totally unplugged gig… no microphones, no amplifiers, just the human voices, the songs and the pure sound of the instruments. Thanks so much to Katsu for his melodic original tunes to open the show and the stunning set by Brigitte Handley who had stepped off a long flight from Germany the night before, having just completed a very successful European solo tour.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to tell some of the stories behind my songs set in Burma, Timor Leste, Cambodia, Jakarta and Sydney. Thanks to Galuh for the sweet backing vocals and DC (Paul Di Giacomo) for wowing everyone with his virtuoso guitar playing and especially the incredible slide licks on the 93 year old original Dobro guitar.

‘Stolen Children’ the latest single by Patrick Burgess:

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